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 Gladsheim guide for semi-pro test

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PostSubject: Gladsheim guide for semi-pro test   Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:49 pm


Hole 1, watch for slight uphill 2nd shot that reduces distance a little bit. Aim just past flag… 115-130add 5yds,...140-150 even +0 yds

Hole 2, Basic approach shot, green is at higher level but doesn’t noticeably affect distance. Attack the flag! 100-105 np slope... 105-150 aim left and add 7 yards.

Hole 3, Curve the first shot to the right. 2nd shot may get close to green so watch the bunkers, it lands shorter than expected by about a "tab circle" so aim a "circle" past where you want to land... RHS of green is a little better than LHS to putt from.

Hole 4, 1st shot tends to go a little longer than expected and back of the green is undulating so aim short of flag (or front edge of green). LHS front of green is preferred area to putt from.

Hole 5, Curve drive to left aiming slightly left as drive tends to end up drifting a little right. Attack the flag on the approach shot!

Hole 6, Curve drive to left Watch out for water in strong wind. Attack the flag on approach and get as close to as possible as the green is undulating and tough to putt on. Distances don't lie.

Hole 7, Par 3 with a tough approach off the tee, hitting short and chipping over the bunker may be a safe par option in bad weather.

Hole 8, Curve the drive to the left. Uphill approach shot that'll leave you short… aim past flag maybe 1/2 club length. Usually rain or cloud, 100-120 dramatic uphill.Add 12% to uphill shots.

Hole 9, nice wide fairway so "safely" overpowering the drive is an option. With a good drive, 2nd shot may get close to edge of green - attack the green with 2nd shot to putt out although roll on green is a concern. Keep left of bunker..

Hole 10, Start left and curve drive to right to avoid trees not far from tee. Watch for slightly uphill 2nd shot although no noticeable impact on distance. Ball grips and spins with a wedge shot so may need to aim past flag with topspin to combat the backspin. RHS of green is a little better to putt from. When 65-75 yards to pin add from 6 to 10 yards.

Hole 11, Green is lower than tee so be careful not too overhit. Centre of green is high so use contour to advantage if possible.

Hole 12, Curve drive to right. Nice flat approach shot, attack the flag hard. LHS of green appears flatter so may be better to putt from.

Hole 13, hard hole to birdie. Curve drive to left. Watch for uphill approach shot may need to aim a little past the flag.

Hole 14, Watch for headwind and bunkers. Best to play short of bunkers if in doubt although doing so will create a problem for 2nd shot. On approach watch out for water hazard in bad weather otherwise go for green.

Hole 15, difficult approach in bad weather. If in doubt play short & safe then chip to flag for a par. In good weather can attack flag!

Hole 16, Curve drive right. Watch for tailwind pushing shot into water hazard. Nice flat approach shot, attack the flag!

Hole 17, Watch out for those trees! Start drive left & curve it right aiming a little right as tends to end up left of tab circle. Approach shot tends to land short so aim a little past flag.

Hole 18, Curve drive right and go for it. Curve second shot left and attack the front edge of the green if you can reach!
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Gladsheim guide for semi-pro test
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