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 Number 3 ....... Watch out Eryl

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PostSubject: Number 3 ....... Watch out Eryl   Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:33 pm

It was one of the most challenging Par 3's on Rufus. There was a 4.5 crosswind and the air was hot and heavy. I was torn between hitting a short 7 or a long 8. I chose the 8. I could see the flag waving in the distance. I aimed just a little more left than usual because I sensed there would be side spin when the ball landed. I coiled and hit the 8 at 102%. The ball took a majestic flight, 7yards left of the pin as the wind carried it towards the green. A two bounce spin to the right and it slowly rolled the 3 remaining yards and dropped gently into the hole.

Here's hoping the next one will be as
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Number 3 ....... Watch out Eryl
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